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Get To Know My Family

I couldn't go down this path without the love, support, and help of my family. I'd like you to meet them:

Tracey and I have been married for over 23 years. He loves me, encourages me, makes me laugh, and keeps me from rushing headlong into every "good" idea I have. I am blessed to have a husband of impeccable character and unmatched intellect, who is so commmitted to loving, providing for, and spending time with his family.

Colton is 17 and a senior at River Bluff HS. The last semester of senior year is a special, magical time with exciting decisions to make. Colton is smart, hard working, talented, and charismatic...we can't wait to see what God has planned for Colton!

Reagan is 15 and a sophomore at River Bluff HS. She is learning to drive, which makes this momma so nervous! Reagan is super smart, incredibly kind, a talented singer and pianist, and a devoted friend. 

Trevor is in 7th grade at Meadow Glen MS. He will be the 3rd teenager in our house when he turns 13 in March. Trevor knows more about the NFL & NBA, including detailed stats about every player, than an ESPN sportscaster. If the Steelers are playing, you can probably hear him yelling from your house! 

I am so incredibly thankful for my family and I appreciate your prayers for their peace and protection in the days ahead.

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